2018 Pét Nat Pinot grigio


This wine was our experiment for 2018. Not modern or traditional, Pét Nat (pétillant naturel) wines are often called ancestral. Perhaps a happy accident, wine that is bottled before the thorough completion of fermentation will continue to ferment in bottle, trapping the gas that makes the wine sparkle. This was root of the traditional method used in Champagne. Science and industry led to advances that standardized the process, allowing for more consistent traditional and modern products.


Winemaking (Grapes + Yeast + Time = Ancestral)


This wine undergoes minimal influence from the winemaker. The grapes are pressed, and the juice is allowed to ferment until a sufficient level of sugar remains. It is then bottled and allowed to rest for 6 months. The wine is riddled and disgorged to remove excess sediment, and we use a small quantity of juice from the grapes as a final touch before resealing the bottle. Residual sediment may remain in the bottle. These are the yeast that blessed the grape. We prefer crown caps as a final closure. They are trusted across the world to age wines before disgorging. They are a technical closure that allows minimal variation between bottles (no TCA!).