2018 Sparkling Pinot noir Rosé


Following our 22 cases of 2017 rosé, the 2018 Sparkling Pinot noir Rosé is a blend of Pinot noir from two vineyards in Santa Cruz and Marin, as well as 15% Chardonnay from Marin. It’s a fun and fresh sparkling wine with notes of wild strawberries and guava. It pairs well with a wide range of fresh foods including uni, ginger stir fry, and summer barbeque. 

Winemaking (Traditional + Modern)

After harvest, grapes were pressed whole cluster and settled overnight. After removing the clean juice from the grape sediments, the juice was fermented in neutral oak over 2 weeks. The fermentation sediment was kept with the wine until preparing for bottling in December. This allows us to avoid adding sulfur until bottling. The wine was bottled with fresh yeast and a small amount of sugar. 


After 3 short months in bottle, the yeast had consumed the sugar, the sediment was removed, and we added back a small amount of wine and sugar. After dosing, the bottles were capped again in order to preserve the natural youth and freshness of the wine.